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07/10/2011 20:03
One Direction have released tour dates and the tickets went on sale on the 1st October, theeir tour takes course of over december and January

24/09/2011 Westfields 'Dare To Dream' One Direction book signing

25/09/2011 16:41
Yesterday on the 24th September,One Direction held a signing of their book ' Dare To Dream" at Westfields shopping centre in partnership with WHSmiths. I went to the booksigning and it was an amazing atmospshere even though only  500 wristbands  got sold which i didn't get a wristband...

What The Hair?

25/09/2011 16:38
Liam Payne has grown his hair curly. :O ! Its like Harry and Liam have been trading hair style. Who thinks only Harry should have curly hair?

Past Events

25/09/2011 16:34
- When One Direction performed at GAY theyhad a cake fight for Nialls birthday - They soldover 82,000 copies of their singlein the mid week chart and hit number 1 - They held a signing of their book' Dare To Dream' at Westfields London on the 24th September 2011

Zayn Malik Biography

25/09/2011 16:30
- His full name is Zayn Javvad Malik - He was bornon the 12th January 1993 - His home town is Bradford - His starsign is Capricorne - He is actually a bit shy - He likes Megan Fox

Liam Payne Biography

25/09/2011 16:23
- His full name is Liam James Payne - He was on on the 29th August 1993 - His hometown is Wolverhampton - His starsign is Virgo - His favourite aftershave is Paco Rabannes 1 Million - His celeb crush is apparantly Leona Lewis

Harry Styles Biography

25/09/2011 16:13
- His fullname is Harry Edward Styles - His home town is Holmes Chapel ,Cheshire - His starsign is an Aqaurius - His favouirte aftershave is CK IN 2U and Disel Fuel For Life - He allegadly has 4 nipples

Website launched

25/09/2011 16:00
Today was the opening of our webiste, We've worked so hard to get this up and hope you enjoy it <3

Louis Tomlinson Biography

25/09/2011 16:00
- His full name is Louis William Tomlinson - He was born on the 24th December 1991 - His hometown is Doncaster , South Yorkshire - His starsign is a Capricorne - His favourite aftershave is Hollister

Niall Horan Biography

25/09/2011 15:47
- His full name is Niall James Horan - He was born on the 13th September 1993 - He is from Mullingar Ireland - His star sign is a Virgo - His favourite atershave is Armani Mania - He can play the guitar