24/09/2011 Westfields 'Dare To Dream' One Direction book signing

25/09/2011 16:41

Yesterday on the 24th September,One Direction held a signing of their book ' Dare To Dream" at Westfields shopping centre in partnership with WHSmiths. I went to the booksigning and it was an amazing atmospshere even though only  500 wristbands  got sold which i didn't get a wristband for and was absolutely gutted that i didntget the chance to meet the One direction boys. Even though we didnt meet them hearing the screams of the excited young girls who did get to meet them and hearing the voices of the boys was amazing. I've never been so jealous in my entire life of people wearing blue paper round their wrists.

We arrived at 7am to find all the wristbands had been sold before 7 which was a bit of a let down becausethat was the time they went on sale  so instead we decided to try and find One Direction in the "scret signing place" and only ended up an escalator away from them. We were walking above One Direction one of the best boy bands in the world.

The security guards wouldnt let us down and as i quote the WHSmithsmanager said ' Girls you will not see or hear anyof the boys so please leave" but at the end of the day we ran to were One Direction were leaving and i saw Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. I have never screamed and been so happy in my entire life. I almost passed out when Harry Styles smiled and waved at me. We saw them drive off but even though we didnt meet them we still sawthem and it was an amazingly awesome day thati will never forget.I defiantly recommend you go to the next CD or Book signing they do.